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“BrainSpan® is a powerful health and wellness tool that was conceived during a deployment to combat while serving in the US Army.  The key was not just prevention, but optimization and resilience. No one should live their life today without knowing their BrainSpan numbers.” 

Three Simple Steps

Integrating nutritional markers with brain function for a

more meaningful, engaging view of your health.

Step 1:

Finger Stick Blood Spot

Collect 2-3 drops of blood on a special card. Then use the postage paid return envelope to mail your sample to our CLIA certified lab.

Step 2:

Take the Cognitive Test

After you register your kit, you will receive access to take a 15 minute cognitive function test. There is no software to download.

Step 3:

View Your Report & Plan

Within 5 days of receiving your sample, your personalized report and recommendations are ready to view, print, or download.